Not Feeling Rested

Not Feeling Rested

It dawned on me too late that I have lost the ability to rest. As now I am 47, I feel a constant pressure to deliver. I feel I have 10/15 years of working life left in me, after which I will be either become obsolete or die.

A kind of FOMO

The fear that I won’t have enough money in my retirement days with seeing all my same-age peers reaching the pinnacle of their career creates a kind of FOMO. You also want to know what is the view from the top.

Gadgets and Social Media make it worse

As Naval Ravikant says unlike any other time in history we are getting sick from not scarcity but abundance. Social media scientists are making a lab rat of us who are addicted to a never end drip of dopamine. We are wired all the time. The average time of my devices last week was 9.5 hours.

Living an Atomised Life

Again Naval says, we live atomised lives instead of group/tribe lives we lived earlier.

Being around people is the greatest stress-buster of all. I have not met or had dinner with someone else since March 14th 2020.


My life is unique as I live alone, most people live in families. Of course, the grass is always greener on the other side. If you are in an abusive family, a life on your own would be much better. But I do believe in general life in a family should be good.

Silver Lining

Of course, the silver lining is a few moments of private conversations on WhatsApp and social media with people. It holds no candle to an in-person meeting, but it is right now my only saviour. ( Please don’t start sending me forward after reading this :)

Photo by Eduardo Flores on Unsplash

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